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18. Nov. - 19. Nov. 2020 Montreal, Canada

10. Nov. - 13. Nov. 2020 Milan, Italy

10. Oct. - 14. Oct. 2020 Istanbul, Turkey 22st International Furniture Side Industry, Accessories, Forestry Products and Wood Technology Fair


Textile Lamination Highly durable functional clothing and technical textiles require a highly performance adhesive system. KLEIBERIT products for textile lamination turn cloth into a high…


Adhesives Groups The KLEIBERIT product range contains nearly 5,000 items which are produced in an annual quantity of approximately 60,000 tons per year. The entire range includes: PUR hotmelt…


KLEIBERIT Sealants Sealants cure through cross linking of the polymers with moisture in the air. They are used for sealing construction joints, glazing, tile work, connecting different materials…

Reactive PO-Hotmelts

Reactive PO-Hotmelts Bonds with reactive PO hotmelt adhesive combine the properties of PO hotmelts with the additional advantages of a long-lasting glue line, which cannot be re-melted, with…


Distributors KLEIBERIT has global presence with a worldwide distributor Network


Microsites Certifications ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 50001 Headquarters KLEBCHEMIE M. G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG Max-Becker-Str. 4 76356 Weingarten/Germany Tel: +49 (0) 72 44 62-0 …


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