Condensation resin glues

Urea-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde glues are also known as condensation resin glues. They belong to the oldest synthetic adhesive systems and are still widely used in present day wood processing.

Urea-based glues

These are prefabricated urea-based glues that are mixed with water before use. They are mostly used to join 2D materials with hot presses, and set at temperatures between 70°C und 120°C, which enables fast manufacturing processes. They form a hard adhesive joint with a moisture resistance suitable for most indoor applications.


Melamine resin glues

Melamine resin glues are prefabricated 2C systems that are processed in hot presses. They generate a very hard glue joint and can achieve bonding qualities compliant with the A100 (DIN 68705) and stress group D4 (DIN EN 204) standards. This type of glue is often used in wet rooms and for outdoor applications.



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- surface lamination in living rooms and bedrooms

Building and construction elements

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- interiors (furnishings, etc.) - door manufacturing


Hot press glue 871.5
  • Low-emission hot press glue
  • emission class E1 quality can be achieved
Urea resin
  • Emission classes E1 according to EN 16516 / CARB 2
  • Gluing veneers and surfaces of modular furniture
Hot press glue 881.1 + hardener 881.2
  • for waterproof veneer gluing
Melamine resin
  • DIN EN 204 D4
  • DIN 68 705 BFU 100
  • Laminating veneers on front doors and outside doors


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