Adhesives for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging consists of a composite of several films. Depending on the intended use of the subsequent packaging, the structure and material composition of the individual films differs. The individual films are bonded together using a laminating process. Depending on the number of individual film layers, this is referred to as duplex, triplex or quadroplex films, for example.

For the production of flexible packaging, KLEIBERIT offers a range of high-quality and solvent-free adhesive systems for paper, film and foil lamination. These adhesive systems comply with the required and recognized guidelines and regulations:

  • FDA 21 CFR §175.105
  • EU Regulation No. 10/2011
  • BfR Recommendation Chapter XXVIII


Typical examples are food packaging, such as for potato chips or drinks. The packaging plays a key role in ensuring a long shelf life and preserving the flavor.
Potato chip packets, for example, are usually made of a trilaminate comprising a sealing layer, a middle layer and aluminium film. The aluminium film keeps out light and moisture, the middle layer contains the printed information and graphic elements, and the transparent sealing layer protects the printed information.

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Streamlined worklows and the right adhesive are key to achieving fast and efficient production processes.

The future lies in solvent-free systems. We offer adhesives for general purpose to high performance requirements for laminating paper, films and foils. Our 1C and 2C polyurethane systems designed specifically for film lamination can bond various different material combinations. We have numerous adhesive systems to cater for the various technical parameters of production processes. Contact our engineers for more advice!

The compositions of our lamination adhesives (KLEIBERIT 641.0/642.0/642.1) and hardeners (KLEIBERIT 643.0/643.1) comply fully with the regulations and guidelines named above.

Have a look at our applications table and see which adhesives are suitable for which material combinations.

We will be happy to advise you. Speak to one of our experts or send us a message.

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Dispersion adhesives

Dispersion adhesive 471.0.00
  • Manufacturing paper tubes and gluing cardboard boxes

1C PUR adhesives

1C PUR adhesive 641.0
  • good standing time in machines
  • the composition of KLEIBERIT 641.0 complies with FDA regulation 21CFR § 175.105, and EU regulations 10/2011
  • flexible packaging, film/paper gluing


1C PUR adhesives 642.1+643.1
  • the combination of KLEIBERIT 642.1 with hardener 643.1 complies with FDA Guideline 21CFR §175.105, EU Regulation no. 10/2011, and BfR Recommendation Chapter XXVIII
  • flexible packaging, foil/foil and film/foil gluing


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