Properties of the HotCoating surface

High End

KLEIBERIT HotCoating® cross-links to form an extremely resistant yet highly flexible film that can be used for many different applications:

  • universal and excellent bonding to all kinds of materials through chemical adhesion, e.g. wood-based materials, plastics, metal, digital printing products, melamine(!), etc.
  • extremely high abrasion resistance, >AC5 according to the EN 13329 flooring standard
  • Despite the high resistance, KLEIBERIT HotCoating® remains flexible, providing extraordinary shock strength, formability, and UV and weather stability.
  • The coated elements impress with excellent surface quality, resistance to scratches, light, chemicals, moisture and changing temperatures, extremely high color precision, and anti-fingerprint properties.
  • HotCoating can also be used for embossing (pore structures, textures) with easy-to-use embossing cylinders or plates.

Further processing

The surface of a piece of furniture plays a key role in making it special. Not only is the look-and-feel important, but also the functional properties and further processing options, especially in high-gloss or super matt applications. This is where KLEIBERIT HotCoating® provides unique benefits in mechanical processing compared to conventionally coated surfaces. Drilling, sawing, or milling are no longer a problem. Users do not need any special tools, nor must they follow stringent processing guidelines. The effects are achieved as a result of the chemical bonds formed on the subsurface and the ensuing tough elasticity, which can best be seen in microscopic images. No stress whitening or jagged edges occur. This is particularly important at the sensitive joints between surface and edges, where it is essential to achieve a sophisticated look as well as reliable edging.


KLEIBERIT HotCoating® is a 100% solid-state system without any VOC or formaldehyde emissions. The reactive PUR KLEIBERIT HotCoating® system always has an extremely low residual isocyanate content of less than 0.1%, which reduces possible monomer emissions to an absolute minimum. HotCoating is generally classified as “ME” (micro-emission). It is therefore exempt from hazard labeling, and customers are not required to give their staff a special training.

Renewable raw materials (bio-based)

At KLEIBERIT we are firmly committed to continuously introducing more renewable raw materials. Our PUR hotmelts were engineered with bio-based raw materials and can be used for many purposes, such as edge banding and profile wrapping in the textile industry, etc.The KLEIBERIT HotCoating® system already contains bio-based raw materials. Products finished with KLEIBERIT HotCoating® can be offered as ‘bio-based’ containing more than 50% renewable raw materials.Bio-based alternatives for UV-curing acrylic varnishes are also in the pipeline.

Antimicrobial surfaces

All KLEIBERIT HotCoating® surfaces can be supplied with antimicrobial properties. KLEIBERIT has established a cooperation with the Swiss company SANITIZED for this purpose.The long-term antimicrobial effect has been confirmed and certified by third-party tests.This opens up opportunities in the public sector, such as in healthcare (clinics, nursing and care homes, etc.), education, and public transport. Adding the antimicrobial properties to KLEIBERIT products with the tried-and-tested Sanitized® technology permanently prevents bacteria growth and also interrupts chains of transmission.

Fire and flame protection

Flame-proof KLEIBERIT HotCoating® surface coating, that has been tested and certified in numerous SBI tests on various carrier materials, is also available for uses that require fire and flame protection.
Technically mature fire and flameproof solutions are available for indoor and outdoor use.


Super matt surfaces are currently as popular as high-gloss. They look elegant look and have a pleasant soft-touch feel. As super matt surfaces can also be very sensitive, KLEIBERIT’s super matt TopCoat varnishes all have ‘anti-fingerprint’ properties. The chemical formulation and the related process technology together create a surface that minimizes the effects of fingerprints and is very easy to clean.

Outdoor application

KLEIBERIT has been providing products for all kinds of outdoor use for decades, gaining extensive experience in this field over the years. A special formulation comprising HotCoating and a UV varnish was developed for coating outdoor surfaces. An optimal basic chemical substance with complementary additives has led to a transparent full system that protects the carrier layer and its pigments against the weather and UV radiation. This system has been certified several times according to the relevant standards around the world.


The overall structure of KLEIBERIT HotCoating® leads to an extraordinarily resistant surface. Its tough elasticity guarantees absolutely reliable adhesion, and extremely high abrasion and impact resistance. A single application can lead to abrasion resistance, if needed, that clearly exceeds AC5 (EN 13329). The unique flexibility prevents any cracks or tears resulting from mechanical stresses or aging. UV-curing, acryl-functional varnishes applied with HotCoating are extremely resistant to scratches and chemicals alike.


KLEIBERIT HotCoating® - The revolution in surface finishing

Excellent further processing properties


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