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High-quality materials and excellent workmanship are fundamental for manufacturers to achieve top quality in premium appliances.


Smartphones and tablets

Today’s smartphones and tablets have large displays with very thin edges. The touch screen display has a protective layer of impact-resistant glass and is bonded to a metal frame for stability. Glass and metal react differently to temperatures: they shrink and expand differently. To minimize the risk of breakage, glass displays that are bonded to a metal frame must not, under any circumstances, come under tension. It is therefore essential to use adhesives that provide flexible glue joints capable of compensating the effects of temperature differences between the materials.

Reactive PUR hotmelts are the products of choice here: they can be adjusted to the exact levels of joint elasticity needed, thus contributing to ensuring a high quality and long-lasting product. The hotmelts are usually applied with gluing robots, which can dose precise amounts exactly where they are needed. This guarantees a long-lasting and resilient bond as well as very clean and economical use.

The choice of adhesive plays a key role in the course and speed of manufacturing. Our adhesives can be formulated to individual needs and to the exact specifications of your production process.

Our engineers have decades of experience in automated adhesive processing. Let us help you find the right solution for your production process.

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