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Change of name KLEIBERIT SE & Co. KG 

As a leading supplier of adhesives and coatings, we have been producing high-quality solutions for discerning customers for over 75 years. A long time that has always brought change and will continue to do so - just like now!

The KLEIBERIT Group is in a process of progressive internationalization, and we would like to express this in our company name.

We would like to inform you that the company name of KLEBCHEMIE has changed as of 19.01.2023. The general partner company, which previously had the legal form of a GmbH, will in future be replaced by the European public limited company SE, i.e. Societas Europaea. The company name of KLEBCHEMIE will change as follows:


KLEBCHEMIE M. G. Becker GmbH & Co KG

In the future


The change of company name is merely a change of name. The legal identity of the company will remain unchanged and all legal transactions of the companies will continue to exist.

We will continue to conduct all business and services under the new company name. We look forward to working with you reliably under the new company name and continuing to develop the best individual solutions for you!

The data relevant to you (VAT identification number, bank details, etc.), which are assigned to the company, will not change as a result of the change of name. All contracts, terms and conditions of sale and delivery as well as general terms and conditions of business remain unchanged.


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