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HotCoating direct top is a laminating and wrapping material made with HotCoating.
It combines the excellent properties and benefits that have proven themselves in many years of use.
Serving both as a protective and a decorative layer, HotCoating provides many benefits besides cost savings, such as splitting resistance and flexibility. It is also ideal for customized small batch manufacturing.


  • based on renewable raw materials
  • PVC free
  • formaldehyde/VOC free


  • soft touch
  • super matt
  • pleasant, warm haptics due to optimal thermal conductivity


  • protective and decorative layer in one
  • adhesive serves as the base coat
  • for use with state-of-the-art one-piece flow laminating systems

High-end performance

  • lightfast (even for outdoor uses)
  • very high abrasion resistance
  • extraordinary flexibility = extremely good impact resistance

Splitting resistance

  • water & temperature resistance

Ideal processing

  • ideal processing
  • maximum value creation for companies and clients alike
  • stable and reliable printable surface
  • customizable + small batch lots possible with digital printing
  • wide range of lamination processes & laminating units for surfaces and edges
  • short-cycle presses, roller systems, slit nozzle systems, reactivation processes

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