KLEIBERIT in Exakt-Magazin

KLEIBERIT 605.1 - STP adhesive with outstanding properties

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Isocyanate Restrictions in the European Union

On 4 August 2020, the new REACH Restriction for diisocyanates (such as MDI) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (Regulation...

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KLEIBERIT on HK-Magazin 4/2021

New ways in adhesive technologies - Adhesives manufacturer KLEIBERIT has taken the next step and now offers its first fully isocyanate-free reactive...

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Newsletter dekoraPUR

Innovationen zum Anfassen - Großer Erfolg beim Kundenevent am 08./09. Juli ´21 bei dekoraPUR

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KLEIBERIT im Surface Magazin 2021

Globale Erfolgsspur - „HotCoating“ von KLEIBERIT erschließt neue Anwendungen

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Evolution of Hotmelts

Hotmelt Adhesives and Reactive Hotmelt Adhesives in Industry 
- A History of Evolution

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Brilliant Prospects for Ship and Home Furnishings

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Reactive PUR Hotmelt for Textile Lamination in Micro Emission (ME) Quality

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Over the last 10 years, the KLEIBERIT HotCoating process has successfully established itself worldwide as an innovative technology in surface...

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Production of Activated Carbon Filters - Now Possible with Micro Emission PUR Hotmelt

For the industrial production of activated carbon filter media, we are launching KLEIBERIT 713.8.50 ME, a convincing micro emission adhesive.

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