Reactive PUR hotmelt for the automotive industry in micro-emission (ME) quality

Our high-performance hotmelts are the product of choice for use in vehicle interiors. They are typically used for laminating:

  • instrument panels
  • door panels
  • roof linings
  • car boot linings

KLEIBERIT 713.7.54 ME is a reduced-monomer version of our classic hotmelt.

With its high initial strength, low emission values and minimum fogging, KLEIBERIT 713.7.54 ME contributes to an effective production process that meets the newest standards. Its excellent temperature resistance ensures top-quality, long-lasting glue joints.

Due its low monomeric isocyanate content (<0.1%), KLEIBERIT 713.7.54 ME is exempt from mandatory labeling with P and H hazard statements.

Would you like to switch to low-emission PUR hotmelts?

To achieve effective lamination, the system technology and the adhesive must be configured to each other in the best possible way. Benefit from our decades of experience with various adhesive systems, application technologies and standard processing equipment. We will be happy to help you find a customized solution that suits your exact needs! Contact us for advice!

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