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Nous élargissons notre portefeuille de produits biosourcés. Voyez par vous-même.

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Nouveaux Micro-Emission (ME) colles thermofusibles PUR

Trouvez le produit qui vous convient

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Produits KLEIBERIT avec label GEV-EMICODE®

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Quelles sont les classes de phoques distinguées ?

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LIGNA 2023 - Highlights


Further developments for HotCoating, ME-PUR hotmelts and bio-based adhesives, STP adhesive 605.1.20, and Worldskills 2024

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Change of name KLEIBERIT SE & Co. KG

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We would like to inform you that the name of KLEBCHEMIE will change as of 19.01.2023. The general partner company, which previously had the legal…

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Simply excellent at the WorldSkills


Benjamin Supé finishes eighth at WorldSkills 2022 in Basel and wins a "Medallion for Excellence" for his outstanding overall performance.

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Interview at Xylexpo 2022

Another Innovative Step in Surface Finishing

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Training at the highest level

©TSD/Florian Langenmair

At the HOLZ tradeshow Oct. 12-15, 2022 in Basel.

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Successful KICK-OFF meeting

More than sixty guests attended the exhibition opening of dekoraPUR and KLEIBERIT at the Kitchen Design Center IDF 34.

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Apprenticeship start 2022

On September 1st, we welcomed 9 new trainees and DHBW students to our company in Weingarten.

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KLEIBERIT goes Instagram

From now on, the activites of KLEIBERIT can also be followed on Instagram.

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Isocyanate Restrictions in the EU

On 4 August 2020, the new REACH Restriction for diisocyanates (such as MDI) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (Regulation...

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Evolution of Hotmelts

© Roman Kybus -

Hotmelt Adhesives and Reactive Hotmelt Adhesives in Industry

- A History of Evolution

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Brilliant Prospects for Ship and Home Furnishings

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KLEIBERIT 716.8.50 in Micro Emission

© Kativ -

Reactive PUR Hotmelt for Textile Lamination in Micro Emission (ME) Quality

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KLEIBERIT 713.8.50 ME - PUR-Hotmelt

© nikkytok -

For the industrial production of activated carbon filter media, we are launching KLEIBERIT 713.8.50 ME, a convincing micro emission adhesive.

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KLEIBERIT 774.6 - EVA edge hotmelt

The further development of our classic eva EVA hotmelt. Increase the efficiency of your edging processes!

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KLEIBERIT 713.7.54 Micro Emission

©Krystyna Taran - Shutterstock

With KLEIBERIT 713.7.5 ME, we are now launching a monomer-reduced version of our tried-and-tested hotmelt adhesive.

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Next Level Mirco Emission Hotmelts

Profit from our Innovations - Discover our High-Class Lamination Hotmelts!

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