After Work is Before Training

Three months before the world championship are hard for Florian Meigel and Johannes Baensch. In addition to their normal working hours, they spend most of their free time preparing for the 45th Worldskills in Kazan. When their colleagues leave the workshop after an eight hour day and enjoy the evening, the training just begins for these two exceptional talents.  From Monday to Friday, they stay up to six hours in the workshop and train late into the evening to perfect the production of their project pieces. In addition, they both train every Saturday. They also spend most of their annual leave for training. They meet regularly for training at their workplaces. They stay there for a week for intensive training.  They work on their technique until late into the evening and perfect the necessary steps. Free time during this time is scarce.  

Preparation is key

The biggest challenge during the competition is time management. All the workpieces have to be completed within a relatively short space of time, so every second counts. All the required tools need to be organized and in their right place, and every working step has to be practiced over and again until it is perfect. There is no time for correcting mistakes during the championship!


The competition never sleeps

German carpentry has a long tradition and a good reputation, but the WorldSkills also has strong competitors. Some national teams receive generous support and have ample opportunities to prepare for the championship.

Although this is not the case for the German national team, Florian and Johannes are not discouraged in any way at all. Besides being very talented, they are also extremely ambitious. The coaches and the competitors feel very confident about the upcoming championship.

Working with KLEIBERIT adhesives and glues

Florian Meigel and Johannes Baensch use KLEIBERIT adhesives when practicing for the competition. Depending on what they are making, they will use a glue with a long or a short open time.

KLEIBERIT 332.0, for example, is ideal for cabinets, frame doors or drawers. Its long open time is useful when doing precision work such as connecting corners. KLEIBERIT 303.0 or KLEIBERIT 303.5 are used when a shorter open time is needed. The young talents also use PUR adhesives, such as our tried and trusted KLEIBERIT 501.0, for practicing. While the glue is drying, the materials being bonded can be worked on only to a limited extent, if at all. The initial strength is therefore a decisive factor and must be taken into consideration during the competition. Every working stage and all waiting times have to be exactly scheduled in order to create work pieces in the required quality under competition conditions.

KLEIBERIT’s 851.0 High Tack super glue is another popular choice, particulary for connecting supporting materials such as templates, wooden supports, chip guards, etc. that have to bond immediately.

Learn more about the competition here!



Hintergrund WorldSkills

"Skill" (engl.) bedeutet Fähigkeit oder Geschick. Bei den WorldSkills messen sich die internationalen Nachwuchstalente verschiedener Gewerke aus Industrie und Handwerk. Neben Schreinern und Tischlern kämpfen zum Beispiel auch Maurer, Friseure und Mechatroniker um die Medaillen. Insgesamt treten mehr als 1000 Teilnehmer in etwa 50 Berufen an.

Sammeln Sie Eindrücke aus den Trainingseinheiten von Florian Meigel und Johannes Bänsch.


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