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A multifunctional product for good high-gloss purposes.
This product is a true all-rounder: it sticks well to a variety of materials, and its long processing window opens up a range of different uses.

  • excellent dosing ✔
  • sticks to a wide range of materials ✔
  • excellent strength build-up ✔
  • suitable for high-gloss decors ✔


The specialist for LVT and plasticized design floors. This is the ideal adhesive when plasticizer stability is a factor, such as in designer floors. Due to its remarkable wetting properties and excellent adhesion to PVC, it can also be used for complex film lamination.

  • good strength build-up ✔
  • excellent plasticizer stability ✔

Would you like to switch to low-emission PUR hotmelts?

An effective laminating process requires the application method and the adhesive to be configured to each other in the best possible way. Our engineers have decades of experience with various adhesive systems, application technologies and industry standard equipment. Together we can find a customized solution that suits your exact needs! Contact us for advice!

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