Simply excellent

Benjamin Supé, the 2020 German champion in carpentry and joinery, finishes eighth at WorldSkills 2022 in Basel in a very close competition (with three gold medals but no silver or bronze) and wins a "Medallion for Excellence" for his outstanding overall performance and more than 700 points. 


Even if the WorldSkills 2022 could not take place as a mega-event with more than 50 different vocational disciplines in Shanghai as originally planned due to the Corona pandemic, the competition in Basel with its three disciplines from the wood sector offered everything you can expect from a world championship - pure excitement, a bit of drama and completely exhausted competitors. Ben Supé also gave his best during the four days of competition in the "cabinetmaker" category, convincing with grandiose time management, maximum precision and never allowing himself to be rattled. "Nobody gets through here without making mistakes," says national coach Florian Langenmair. "That would be inhuman with the pressure and tension." All the greater is his respect for the performance of his protégé: "More than 700 points is a top performance. Only very few people manage that."