From 27 to 29 September 2021, the LIGNA.Innovation Network will launch a new digital format for the international woodworking and processing industry.

Join us and experience the future of new adhesive and surface technologies! We offer a whole range of exciting contributions.

What to expect:

- Bio-based KLEIBERIT PUR hotmelt adhesives for more sustainability.

- Reactive KLEIBERIT hotmelt adhesives completely without isocyanate - a true global innovation.

- Innovative solutions in surface finishing with KLEIBERIT HotCoating®.

- STP adhesive KLEIBERIT 605.1 - the new problem solver in handicraft and industry.

- Livestream "Going new ways - the global success story of HotCoating technology".

- Livestream "Going new ways – a major step forward in adhesives technology".

How do I participate?

To participate in the Ligna.Innovation Network you need an e-ticket. You can activate this in a few steps using the link below.


Once registered, each guest will receive their personalized e-ticket by e-mail. The ticket allows you to log in directly to the digital event.

The personalized ticket is valid as a permanent ticket for every day of the event.